Jennifer de Guzman is a writer and comics publishing professional living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She writes stories about sad girls, seawater, bottomless wells, airborne plagues, and horses. You can find links to some of them them in the Selected Works section or read them at her Scribd page.

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Chi Roca has a dead girl’s voice in her head. Nearly ten years ago, her older sister Aria drowned, leaving their family shattered — and Chi has been keeping the secret of Aria’s continued presence in her mind ever since.

But Aria had secrets of her own, and as Chi has gotten older she has begun to ask questions. When Aria’s presence disappears on Chi’s sixteenth birthday, Chi decides to try to find the answers, placing herself in the same danger that led to her sister’s death.

Half a Person is a story of grief and the connections it both breaks and forges.

What Are Possible Impossiblities?

“The Poet ought rather to chuse Impossibilities, provided they have Resemblance to the Truth, than the Possible, which are Incredible with all their Possibility.”
- Henry Fielding, quoting Aristotle in The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling

Why Is Society Prejudiced Against Teenage Girls?

I find out what sex the wee parasite is tomorrow. I don’t like people asking me if I prefer a boy or girl in general because to state a preference is to be disappointed if it isn’t fulfilled, and I can’t do anything about what kind of netherbits the kid has, you know? But what […]

The Books I Read

García Márquez on “Formal Simplification”

I’ve been reading Gabriel García Márquez’s memoir Living to Tell the Tale for months now, and I’m enjoying the feeling of being leisurely. Some books you tear through because you become so engrossed in the action and the characters; others you savor. García Márquez’s books have always fallen in the latter category for me. They’re […]

Word Traveling

Wheels are A-Turning

I’m riding the third day of a cold, but I’m feeling pretty good, and not just because my last sinus rinse dislodged an impressive chunk of mucous. Over the last two days, while I’ve been lodged on the couch watching judge shows, I wrote an almost entirely new first chapter for Sliver of Light.

The […]


My Contents Have Shifted

It’s not really a secret at this point (not that I have paparazzi chasing me to get a shot of the “bump” or anything), but I guess I should do a general “you might have heard” announcement: Yes, I have my own little parasite. Thus, my Comic-Con sketchbook theme this year. Tommy Kovac’s sketch […]