Jennifer de Guzman is a writer and comics publishing professional living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She writes stories about sad girls, seawater, bottomless wells, airborne plagues, and horses. You can find links to some of them them in the Selected Works section or read them at her Scribd page.

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Chi Roca has a dead girl’s voice in her head. Nearly ten years ago, her older sister Aria drowned, leaving their family shattered — and Chi has been keeping the secret of Aria’s continued presence in her mind ever since.

But Aria had secrets of her own, and as Chi has gotten older she has begun to ask questions. When Aria’s presence disappears on Chi’s sixteenth birthday, Chi decides to try to find the answers, placing herself in the same danger that led to her sister’s death.

Half a Person is a story of grief and the connections it both breaks and forges.

What Are Possible Impossiblities?

“The Poet ought rather to chuse Impossibilities, provided they have Resemblance to the Truth, than the Possible, which are Incredible with all their Possibility.”
- Henry Fielding, quoting Aristotle in The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling
My Faith in Womanhood

Of Whores and Harridans

I suspect that people will be coming here to find out more about me because of this. I don’t have much to add to what I have already said, so I am reposting my little manifesto:

My people: Deciding whether or not a woman is allowed to call herself a nerd is just more paternalistic patrolling of women’s behavior. It is telling women “If you attempt to be part of this community, you’ll be scrutinized and doubted, because your gender makes you suspect.”

And I have been in this industry and fought against this behavior too long to care about explanations, rationalizations, or justifications. Nor will I tolerate the attempts of those who blithely spread this shit to call themselves “cooler heads” while they paint me as irrational.

Am I angry? Yes. Is my anger rational? Yes. A woman is not hysterical just because she has an emotion and uses her intellect to explain it.
tl;dr: It is never OK to call a woman a whore because you don’t approve of her.
I will add, however, that I’m not going to stop calling out sexism in the comics community because there are “bigger issues out there,” that I don’t really care that men are calling me names, and that I am grateful to the marvelous people in my community who have given me their support.
Sleep the sleep of the just, my friends.

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3 comments to Of Whores and Harridans

  • […] Guzman responded here and Huehner (a sometime Beat contributor) responded at length here, pointing out how sexist and […]

  • Thank you for speaking up on this! As a female that loves nerd things, I hear sexist crap a lot. Frankly I’m sick of it, and I’ve often been tempted to avoid social gatherings centered around my interests because of it.

    As for your last comment on “bigger issues out there,” problems in the world are not mutually exclusive, and nor is standing up for one or another. It’s sad that people are ignorant enough to use this as a method of silencing women for speaking out on sexism.

    Keep on standing up for what’s right!

  • Boo

    Seems to me like a lot of people who use hateful words and personal attacks like Dirk are mired in their own sexual insecurities, be they guys who feel threatened by how woman’s bodies make them feel or gals who are insecure about their own bodies and feel the need to attack other women and girls.

    ps Really enjoyed your interview on 5by5. Cheers.

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